Ms. Trepinski has extensive legal and corporate experience in all aspects of insurance litigation including high-exposure multi-state class action, coverage, claims, bad faith, and regulatory matters. She practiced ten years at an international insurance law firm, followed by ten years in-house at the nation’s third largest personal lines insurance company.

Ms. Trepinski formed her own practice in 2010, where she focuses on challenging insurance company misconduct.  “I took off the black hat and put on a white one,” says Ms. Trepinski of her switch to consumer work.  “Big Insurance has steamrolled policyholders for too long.  The industry has moved away from a pay-what-it-owes mentality to using its claims departments as profit centers – through wrongfully denying payment.  The system is rigged against the ordinary citizen.”

Ms. Trepinski ought to know.  She was a part of it for 25 years.  “I’m lucky,” Ms. Trepinski reports, “I was able to break away from the industry.   I’ve helped a lot of people, and made insurance companies stop their harmful practices.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to create meaningful change.”